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Please remain calm The end has arrived We cannot save you Enjoy the ride This is the moment You've been waiting for Don't call it a warning This is a war
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F Logic [10830]
F 9 fingers [11032]
F Walker, Texas Ranger [18858]
F thegoose [14126]
F Bay Gal [19290]
F Akula [17929]
F Captain Goosey H2O [VIP] [1087]
F Amelia Dunn [20169]
F gon fishin [13547]
F Domo [16802]
F Float [19693]
F PegLeg [13410]
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Signed Up:5 Jan 2010, 2:05:23 pm
Last Active:6 Jul 2020, 6:13:10 am
Last Action:2 minutes ago
Days Old:3834
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Location:St Croix

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Fleet:Texas Two Steppers
Flotilla:Ghost Flotilla
Ship:Square Rigger
Crew Health:22100/22100
The Dord
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Esmerelda's Friends Comments
F Rōnin{BAMF} [22009]
4 Jun 2020 3:22:29 pm
Dr Esme Ph D has reached level 300, round 30. That is one dangerous doctor.
F Rōnin{BAMF} [22009]
16 May 2020 8:11:30 am
You have looted the Golden Frigate, gaining 6.876% experience. Your haul consists of 1164 gold bars! Way to go Esme!
F 9 fingers [11032]
15 Apr 2020 5:41:17 pm
9 fingers sent you 2x 9 volt batteries
F NACLH20 [14355]
7 Feb 2018 12:21:26 am
Congratulations! Esmerelda has reached level 100. Rnd 25
F P O G A N [20797]
21 Jun 2017 11:46:36 pm
You have been awarded the Gambler trophy! thanks for helping me win. :)
F Sam Houston [11106]
6 Jun 2017 7:44:34 pm
Esmerelda has defeated the bounty hunter. RD 23
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