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Profile for Bloody Tom Harper

Bullies are like farts. They hang around and stink up the place and then they're gone.
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F Black Cutlass [12901]
F gixxerfrog [981]
F Muirenn [13616]
F PegLeg [13410]
F Q+ [20797]
F gutmituns [12443]
F Rusty Old Iron [19999]
F Chip [21426]
F gon fishin [13547]
F Eman [12559]
F Shawn Spencer [21837]
F Turd Ferguson [20631]
Name:Bloody Tom Harper
Member Type:Member
Signed Up:19 Aug 2007, 5:26:34 pm
Last Active:19 Oct 2018, 4:20:17 pm
Last Action:2 hours ago
Days Old:4079
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Fleet:The Brethren
Flotilla:221B Baker Street
Ship:Square Barque
Crew Health:17800/17800
Suck My Wake
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Bloody Tom Harper's Friends Comments
F Black Cutlass [12901]
20 Sep 2018 1:36:13 pm
Round 26! Last seen sailing towards Dragon's Lair. Expected arrival in 114 minutes.
F Black Cutlass [12901]
3 Sep 2018 12:12:32 pm
You be the Count of Monte Cristo I’ll be the Countess May ;D
F Black Cutlass [12901]
3 Aug 2018 5:52:36 pm
4000 days? You old Seadog! LOL :)
F Black Cutlass [12901]
7 Mar 2017 6:47:57 pm
Congratulations Bloody Tom Harper has looted the Golden Frigate, gaining 4.96% experience. Your haul consists of 393 gold bars! Goldie bows to you! ;p
F Black Cutlass [12901]
2 Mar 2017 5:20:51 pm
Bloody Tom Harper has looted the Golden Frigate, gaining 4.232% experience. Your haul consists of 767 gold bars! WOW! Nice Plunder!
F Black Cutlass [12901]
28 Feb 2017 1:49:32 pm
Congratulations!! Bloody TOM Harper reached Level 100!! RD23
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